This is one of two games that are epic pirate ship-themed games featuring great thematic elements and puzzles that fit the theme well. Even better, these two rooms are side-by-side, allowing larger groups to divide in half and compete through the puzzles to see which team makes it to the end first! Unlike many competitive rooms which are just mirrored rooms, our competitive rooms are both unique and carefully balanced to allow fair competition AND rematches!

"It's June 21st, 1655 – a Sunday. You're an elite group of soldiers enlisted in the Royal British Navy. Your ship's captain has just led you and the crew on a successful ambush of the pirate ship "Rat's Nest" you've been following for months. Finally, with the right planning and a good bit of luck, you have managed to stop and defeat these pirates who have recently stolen a shipment of gold fresh from the Portuguese mint. The crew have been rounding up prisoners and liberating the pirate ship of anything remotely valuable. While the crew is busy on the upper decks, your captain has sent you into the bowels of this filthy ship to hunt for the remainder of the Portuguese gold.
The pirate survivors of the raid are likely cowering in some stinking corner of the hold, but they shouldn't be of any concern to you – all you're after is the Captain's quarters…and the gold. Once you find it, you'll pass it up to your shipmates, who will then haul you out.
You can hear a few of the surviving Pirates just on the other side of the wall making a lot of noise – probably fighting over who gets to eat the last rat – or whatever it is that pirates do. Hopefully they aren't after the gold too. You should be able to handle a few pirates, but if they were to beat you to the gold… Anyways, the plan is simple. Break into the Captain's quarters. Get gold. Get out. Just don't let the Pirates beat you to it...
Thanks to the fact that the pirates are on the wrong side of the door to the Captain's quarters, you estimate that you have about an hour before they'll be able to find a way in to the captain's quarters."

Time Limit: 60 minutes

Difficulty: 5/10

Group Size:
-Min: 2/room
-Max: 8/room
-Ideal: 4-5/room

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