Little Candy Shop Of Horrors

Candy shops are fun right? Well, this one hides our most difficult secrets that you will have to discover and solve to escape! While this room does feature some creepy themes, there are no jump scares or "haunted house" style elements. Perfect for smaller groups and chock full of delicious puzzles!

"The local candy shop owner, Mr. Valentine, is known to be an eccentric. He disappears for long stretches and returns with exotic confections from foreign lands. Parents are often reluctant to let their children venture inside the shop. But when Fall comes around and the leaves turn golden, Mr. Valentine rolls out his new selection of sweets for the year and no one can resist. No one could have suspected how deep Valentine's madness ran until today. You and your friends, tempted by some triple-fudge toffees, ventured inside the shop to find yourselves prisoners to Valentine's twisted game. You will now be cast as investigators as you try to comb the candy shop for clues as to its owner's past and his motives, all the while forced to outwit his sickly-sweet riddles. Will you succeed in unraveling Valentine's game and escape his clutches before he claims you as his next victims?"

Time Limit: 60 minutes

Difficulty: 9/10

Group Size:
-Min: 2
-Max: 6
-Ideal: 3-4

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