The Kings Treasure

An escape room designed and built for children! This room is moderated and has the same duration as most of our other rooms, so you and your friends can enjoy a room alone while the little ones explore the castle filled with lots of stuff to do and puzzles to solve! We'll even have a prize at the end for the winners!

"The King has arranged a treasure hunt for all of his princes and princesses. Unfortunately, he was called away last minute to help hunt a dragon that has been wreaking havoc on his Kingdom. You are on your own to search the castle for the hidden treasure. Figure out the clues, work the puzzles and find keys and codes to the many locks on the way to the final locked golden treasure chest!"

Time Limit: 60 minutes

Age Range: 5-11+ *
-Min: 5
-Recommended: 6-11

Group Size:
-Min: 1
-Max: 6

*While this game is designed for children ages 5-11, we welcome kids of all ages to come attempt the game!

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