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Here are a few escape room tips that can help out both new, and seasoned escapees!

1.Share - talk to your team and share what you're holding or looking at, where you found it, and listen to them. They may be holding the key to your puzzle!

2. Swap jobs - If you're stuck on a particular puzzle, try trading with someone. A fresh perspective can really help!

3. Talk it out - some puzzles are harder than others and some require different types of thinking. If you feel like you are really stuck, try talking through all the information you have out loud with the group and try to organize the information you have, where you found it and what you could be overlooking.

4.Use your surroundings - many times clues can be found in hidden places. Be sure to look everywhere, touch everything and try to combine information to solve the puzzles!

5.Stay organized! - At ZEscape, we design our games so that once you have used a key, code, item or prop it will not be used again and can be set aside. Use this to your advantage by grouping up all of the unused clues so you can eliminate distractions and focus on what matters for the next puzzle!

6.Save time and play safe - At ZEscape, we do not hide clues inside of ceilings, walls, floors, live electrical outlets, or wall switches. You will never need to disassemble a prop or use anything close to a lot of force to make things work the way that they are supposed to. Save time and be safe by ignoring those elements! We will occasionally place "do not touch" stickers on things that had to be left in the room (like the cameras). Anything with a sticker is not part of the game, and can be ignored!

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